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The return of David Lynch’s iconic show is just around the corner, with new episodes set to air on Showtime from May 21st. Undoubtedly, one of the defining elements of the original run was the eerie Twin Peaks soundtrack, composed by Angelo Badalamenti.

Although he’s now 80-years-old, the musician will once again be working with Lynch on the new series. Showtime have been releasing teasers and trailers in the last little while, including one featuring Badalamenti himself. All of them once again have the dark, synth-drive soundtrack we have come to expect.

Aside from Badalamenti’s new music, other artists will also be involved. Johnny Jewel of Chromatics will provide some of the songs on the new Twin Peaks soundtrack, according to what Echo Park Records chief Alexis Rivera tweeted back in March.

You might recognise Chromatics tunes like ‘Cherry’, ‘Tick of the Clock,’ or their cover of ‘Running up that Hill’. Fond of synthesisers in most of his projects, Jewel’s music is a natural fit for the haunting sound of Lynch’s world.

Jewel has previously worked on the soundtrack to a number of movies, including Ryan Gosling’s Drive and Lost River. 

Given his involvement in the show, Jewel pulled together a Twin Peaks soundtrack playlist, which appeared on his Spotify page earlier this week.

While it features a number of the show’s well known themes, there are also a couple of newer tracks, including from his own new album, Windswept, which was released on Wednesday. The title track of the album, along with another called ‘Television Snow’ both appear, suggesting that they may well feature on the upcoming Twin Peaks soundtrack.

Although the latter is a relatively short track, it’s quite clearly influenced by the music Lynch brought together for the show’s first run. In fact, if you didn’t know it was from 2017, it wouldn’t seem out of place on the original soundtrack.

‘Windswept’ is a longer track, but hints at the Twin Peaks influence with it’s sustained synthesiser notes and slow pace – something Lynch demanded of Badalamenti when they worked together to create the show’s theme tune.

You can listen to Jewel’s playlist from Spotify below.

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