The Fourth Wall Recommends- 4 Clothing Must-Haves for Autumn/Winter

Winter is coming. The evenings are getting shorter, it’s raining more than usual and there’s a nip in the air. It’s that time of year again, folks. Time to dust off the warmer clothes and hope they still fit. Or, better still, it might be time for a wardrobe upgrade. Before you rush out and spend your hard-earned cash, check out these autumn/winter items from some of our favourite brands-

The North Face Ventrix™ Jacket

This is a new release from the outdoor product company. Using “micro vents that open and close to regulate your body temperature as you move” the Ventrix™ is ideal jogging or mountaineering gear. It’s sleek, stylish and will keep you dry. Retailing at approximately €200, we get that it’s a little bit pricey but this is an investment. North Face products are renowned for their durability so this jacket will do you for many winters to come. Check out the colour range and order here.

Jack and Jones Beanie

It might not feel like hat weather just yet but it’s not far off. Rather than freeze your balls off on the way to work someday, why not be prepared and have a look at these Jack and Jones beanies. Available in navy, beige and a range of blues and blacks, they’re great value and available online for around €20. Choose between the slouchy and the oversize. Style starts at the top, fellas.

Caterpillar Boots

A solid pair of boots is a winter necessity. They’ll keep your feet dry and toasty and give you solid grip underfoot (We don’t want you slipping like the guy on the RTE news a few years ago). The new range from Caterpillar does all of these things and more. Nearly all of them are waterproof and some even come with composite or steel toe protection. Your feet are safe in these bad boys and they’re stylish to boot. Sorry. Check out their website here.

Under Armour ColdGear™

One of our favourite brands, Under Armour has a range of products designed for all seasons. Their autumn/winter offerings are particularly strong and we love their ColdGear™ range in particular. From rain jackets to sweater fleeces and wind strikes to hybrids, they literally have something for every weather type. Matching cutting-edge clothing technology with flair and practicality, you can’t go wrong with a UA purchase. Find more over yonder.

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